701.0093/1–1949: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Ambassador in China (Stuart)

103. Next following telegram has been authorized by Pres[ident] on understanding that these instructions will be carried out in concert with “North Atlantic group” as indicated in your 149 January 19, it being particularly important that you be not alone in remaining in Nanking when Chinese Communists take over but remain together with other Chiefs of Mission.

[Page 668]

British. Embassy here has been advised of US Government’s decision as has French Embassy. Other Embassies will be contacted forthwith. As regards French tentative suggestion that consideration be given to question of Ambassadors going to Shanghai Department is of opinion which apparently shared by British FonOff that such course of action offers few if any advantages and that logical place for Ambassadors to stay is at Embassies in Nanking.

Department also particularly has in mind fact that when lower part of Yangtze Valley falls to Chinese Communists they will control main centers where Americans and their interests are located. While having in mind considerations enumerated in Deptel 1852 December 1726 it is important you draw upon your personal influence with view to protecting positions and alleviating conditions of Americans now in Communist territory and of maintaining contact with Peiping and reestablishing contact with Mukden and Tientsin.