893.01/1–1849: Telegram

The Acting Secretary of State to the Ambassador in China (Stuart)

67. When Chi Emb approached Dept re subject matter your 134 Jan 18 it did so by way of confirmation and approach allegedly already made by Chi FonOff to AmEmb. Dept indicated it had not yet recd report of such conversation.

ChiEmb was very vague merely indicating ChiGovt had to contemplate possibility of removal of capital from Nanking; had no info as to probable new location. It did vouchsafe offer of transportation facilities for personnel and archives (sic) and residence in guest [Page 656] house. ChiEmb seemed to regard this offer as applying to ConGen Shanghai as well but readily agreed that this could not be intended since consular officers and staffs invariably remained within their consular districts to perform their traditional functions. Dept requested further details pointing out necessity of knowing at appropriate time locus of new capital and facts relating to removal of Govt as whole there as well as info as to extent and adequacy of facilities which might be provided.

Today Chi Min-Counselor informed Dept FonOff telegraphed that Canton was point selected for removal of Govt but he was seemingly unable to provide more specific info even on point as to whether Govt as whole was to be located in Canton or whether some of its integral parts were to be as suggested in press in Formosa, Fukien Province or even Chungking.

Dept has been informed in confidence by member of French Emb that Amb Meyrier has recd instructions from Paris to remain in Nanking.