893.01/1–1849: Telegram

The Ambassador in China ( Stuart ) to the Secretary of State

134. British, Canadian and Indian Governments have according their Ambassadors here been approached by Chinese Envoy their respective capitals to ascertain if appropriate instructions have been issued for movement their Diplomatic Missions to South China when National Government decides to move. I have informed colleagues here that as far as I know similar approach has not been made US Government (see Embtels 117, January 15 and 134, January 18 to Department). Yesterday in conversation with one of my staff, Vice Minister7 Foreign Office said if peace negotiations failed Foreign Office would move Canton; that plans were almost complete to transport archives all Diplomatic Missions to that city. He said we would be officially notified in about 3 days that Government was ready transport archives Canton; that Government had secured adequate housing there for Diplomatic Corps (houses for about 800 people). He added we probably would want to leave caretaker staff Nanking protect interests here.

Above are first definite indications Government is making plans move Diplomatic Corps in time Canton and by its foresight make it difficult for any Mission accredited National Government to refuse. We should be prepared receive early invitation follow Government to provisional capital in south. We will of course refer invitation to Department reporting our views Government’s future role national scene.

Sent Department 134, repeated Shanghai 65, Canton 4.

  1. George K. C. Yeh.