893.01/7–1949: Telegram

The Minister-Counselor of Embassy in China (Clark) to the Secretary of State

Cantel 776. Generalissimo looks well and was in good spirits when I saw him today. He has been preoccupied of late, he says, with reorganization of Kmt, plan for which was submitted party yesterday, and is not too familiar with military situation, he claims. He believes supreme policy committee will be much more efficient organ through which party can make its influence felt on government and he plans, he says, visiting Canton from time to time to chairman committee. In his absence, Li Tsung-jen will represent him in his capacity as vice-chairman. Li has agreed to stay on as Acting President and Generalissimo indicated that if their differences had not been resolved, a modus operandi had been evolved.

Took advantage conversation [to] say my piece on bombing and Generalissimo replied that we might have a case there, that he would consider problem further and at least make sure that only important strategic objectives were bombed.

Generalissimo has been impressed by revival [of] will to resist which he has noticed Canton and he plans “rally-resistance” trip to west, including Chungking, Chengtu and Lanchow when he leaves Canton, which he says will be “few days”. Generalissimo confirms that here will be only unified “southeast command” under General Chen Cheng, concurrently Governor Taiwan. In addition Taiwan, command will include Kiangsu, Chekiang and Fukien. It will have assigned to it adequate air force and naval support, thus giving Chen command all forces that area.

Possibly indicative of Generalissimo’s resentment that American and other ambassadors did not follow government Canton is fact that neither he nor Chen Chang-huan, Yenching graduate and once again Generalissimo’s secretary, made no [any?] inquiry regarding welfare Dr. Stuart.

Sent Department Cantel 776; repeated Nanking 511, Shanghai 437, Taipei 67.