893.00/6–1449: Telegram

The Minister-Counselor of Embassy in China (Clark) to the Secretary of State

Cantel 585. Chen Li-fu confirms organ “Emergency Committee of CEC Kmt” which will replace former Central Political Committee which has proven unwieldy. Generalissimo will [get?] Chairmanship new committee and Li Tsung-jen will be Vice-Chairman. As Sun Fa was Vice-Chairman Central Political Committee, he could not be ignored, so position Second Vice-Chairman is created in case Sun Fo desires serve. Chen insists Li Tsung-jen has at last agreed this setup under which he acquiesces in Generalissimo’s continued interference functioning government. Chen says Generalissimo has promised come Canton if there is real necessity his presence here. Chen does not think Generalissimo will come Canton. Chen confirms that Hsu Kan, Minister Finance, has gone Taiwan endeavor obtain from Generalissimo access to gold supply and likelihood is Hsu Kan will refuse serve if unsuccessful. Appointment Hu Shih, he says, was announced without any reply having been received from Dr. Hu to numerous telegrams sent him offering him Foreign Office. Chen was not too sure how Yen Hsi-shan and Li Tsung-jen were going to get along, but said: “We first need unity, then a victory, and then we can get after the economic problem.”

He inquired regarding success mission Kan Chieh-hou30 in manner indicating he hoped mission would be failure. He demonstrated throughout conversation quite clearly that rift between C–C clique and Li Tsung-jen is still unbridgeable.

Sent Department, repeated Nanking 392, Shanghai 333.

  1. Secretary and political adviser to Acting President Li Tsung-jen on mission to the United States; for documentation, see vol. ix, pp. 699 ff.