893.002/6–1349: Telegram

The Minister-Counselor of Embassy in China (Clark) to the Secretary of State

Cantel 579. Following complete list Yen Hsi-shan Cabinet announced Saturday June 11.

Vice President Executive Yuan—Chu Chia-hua.15

Secretary General Executive Yuan—Chia Ching-teh.16


  • National Defense—Yen Hsi-shan concurrently;
  • Foreign Affairs—Hu Shih;17
  • Interior—Li Han-hun;18
  • Finance—Hsu Kan;
  • Communications—Tuan Mu-chieh;19
  • Economic Affairs—Liu Hang-shen;20
  • Education—Han Li-wu;21
  • Justice—Chang Shih-pen;22


  • Mongolian-Tibetan Affairs—Kuan Chi-yu;23
  • Overseas Chinese Affairs—Tai Kuei-sheng;24

Ministers without Portfolio:

  • Chen Li-fu,
  • Chang Chun25 (resigned June 12)
  • Wu Tieh-cheng,26
  • Huang Shao-ku,27
  • Hu Yung-chang,28
  • Wang Shih-tien (Young China Party).

Dept pass VOANY.29

Sent Dept Cantel 579, repeated Nanking 387, Shanghai 328.

  1. Chinese Minister of Education, 1944–48.
  2. Vice President of the Chinese Examination Yuan, 1948–49.
  3. Chinese Ambassador to the United States, 1938–42.
  4. Governor of Kwangtung, 1938–45.
  5. Secretary-general of the Chinese Judicial Yuan.
  6. Former Chinese Vice Minister of Food.
  7. Chinese Vice Minister of Education.
  8. Grand Justice of the Chinese Judicial Yuan.
  9. Chinese Minister of Food.
  10. Chinese Vice Minister of the Kuomintang Board of Overseas Affairs.
  11. President of the Chinese Executive Yuan, 1947–48; Military and Political Affairs Director for Southwest China.
  12. Vice President of the Chinese Executive Yuan, 1948–49.
  13. Chinese Acting Minister of the Kuomintang Ministry of Information.
  14. Chinese Minister of National Defense.
  15. Voice of America, New York.