893.00B/6–1049: Telegram

The Ambassador in China (Stuart) to the Secretary of State 9

1258. Re Moscow telegram 63, June 7 to Department;10 repeated Bucharest 20, Canton 29. Department will recall that summary Liu Shao-chi article “On Internationalism and Nationalism” appeared first on North Shensi broadcasts last November 9 and 10 and was extensively commented on by Embassy at time.11

It is interesting Soviets have not hitherto used article. Article is complete sellout to Soviet objectives and political theory. It was written by perhaps third ranking member of CCP Politburo. Its publication in Pravda shortly after Communist crossing of Yangtze and occupation Nanking, Shanghai suggests Soviets are becoming more prone to recognize CCP as full-fledged member of world Communist front. Embassy suggests it would be worthwhile to compare Soviet and original Chinese texts.

Sent Department 1258; repeated Canton 520, Bucharest 1, Moscow 39.

  1. The Ambassador was away from Nanking June 11–16 on a trip to Shanghai; see telegram No. 1325, June 19, noon, p. 763. Telegrams from Nanking in this period were sent in his name.
  2. Sent as No. 1474, not printed.
  3. For summary, see telegram No. 2273, 2 p. m., November 21, 1948, from the Ambassador in China, Foreign Relations, 1948, vol. vii, p. 593.