393.1115/8–1849: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Ambassador in the United Kingdom ( Douglas )47

2961. Upon closing any US Govt Dipl or Con estab in China where Brit have Dipl or Con reps Dept would also desire ref Deptel 2925 16th Brit Consulates afford Amcitizens protection similar that afforded Brit natls. Conceivable Amcitizens rendered destitute might also require financial or other assistance but criteria for eligibility receive financial assistance and limitations upon maxima amounts would be details for future solution based upon Brit Consuls’ recommendations through FonOff to Dept for its consideration.

Emb requested formally inquire FonOff whether Brit willing undertake this service for AmGovt and if so will inform its Consuls China in foregoing sense. Matter considered urgent. Keep Dept informed.48

  1. Repeated to the Embassy in China, the Chargé in China, the Vice Consul at Chungking, the Consul General at Hankow, the Vice Consul at Kunming, the Consul General at Peiping, the Consul at Shanghai, the Consul General at Tientsin, the Vice Consul at Tihwa, and the Consul at Tsingtao as telegrams Nos. 985, telCan 597, 72, 62, 70, 557, 1646, 251, 123, and 243, respectively.
  2. Correspondence with the British Foreign Office by which the arrangement was concluded was transmitted to the Department by the Ambassador in the United Kingdom in his despatch No. 1390, August 24; received August 29, not printed.