125.313/7–2449: Telegram

The Minister-Counselor of Embassy in China (Clark) to the Secretary of State

Cantel 813. Concur desirability closing Chungking [and] Kunming when threatened Communist occupation (telCan 486, July 22, repeated Nanking 873). Present indications are those offices would be unable protect American citizens or interests and they would have little value as listening posts. If travel ever permitted in Communist-controlled area, occasional visit those places might satisfy our need political intelligence.

Tihwa, on contrary, and possibly Lanchow would continue, I should think, to have considerable value as listening posts. Suggest consideration, therefore, of detailing to Lanchow China language officer at time Chungking closes so he might be assigned Tihwa for administrative purposes and should certainly be charged solely with listening post activities unburdened by routine. Should Lanchow fall, he could retire to Tihwa. It seems to me Tihwa, properly staffed, could be most valuable listening post and should be retained as long as possible. Withdrawal should always be possible by some route other than China.

Sent Department Cantel 813; repeated Nanking 539.