125.313/7–2249: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Minister-Counselor of Embassy in China ( Clark ), at Canton 1

TelCan 486. In view absence substantial Amer interests in Chungking, Kunming and Tihwa consular districts, Dept considering closing these consulates at such time Commie occupation cities concerned appears imminent. Importance Kunming consulate at zenith during war but has declined steadily since VJ Day.2 No consular estab was maintained in Chungking from end 1930 until Aug 1938 when became apparent Chi Govt might move Chungking.

Dept also concerned over exposed isolated position Kunming [and] Chungking consulates in event Commie advance into Yunnan [and] Szechuan provinces which might also effectively cut off Tihwa from communications with outside world. Dept therefore contemplating instructing Kunming and Chungking that in event those cities threatened by Commie occupation consulates shld be closed sufficiently in advance takeover by Commies permit orderly withdrawal all Amer personnel and dispersal alien staffs. Dept considering sending similar instructions to Tihwa shld ingress and egress that post be threatened by developments that area.

Dept wld expect, prior to closing any of consulates mentioned, have warning issued all Amer cit[izen]s in areas affected informing them imminent closure consular estabs and recommending their withdrawal.

Wld appreciate ur and Emb’s views this question soonest.

  1. Repeated on the same date to the Ambassador in China as telegram No. 873.
  2. Surrender of Japan, September 2, 1945.