501.BB Palestine/1–349

Memorandum of Conversation, by Mr. Eraser Wilkins of the Division of Near Eastern Affairs

Participants: Joseph B. Keenan—American Representative, Pales tine Conciliation Commission
Mr. Wilkins—NE
Mr. Halderman—UNP1

While discussing current matters relating to Palestine, Mr. Keenan told me that, following his selection as American Representative on the Palestine Conciliation Commission he had seen the President and had had an opportunity to discuss the question of Palestine with him.

Mr. Keenan said that during this conversation the President had emphasized the urgent necessity of preventing further warfare in Palestine which, if it continued, might be the spark setting ablaze a greater conflagration. Mr. Keenan said the President hoped that the action which the United Nations had already taken through the General Assembly and the Security Council would prevent further conflict and that if such action was not effective, the Conciliation Commission would immediately attempt to persuade the parties to reach an agreement.

Mr. Keenan said that the President was strongly of the opinion that the orders of the Security Council should be obeyed and that no party to the Palestine dispute should be permitted to defy the United Nations. Recent action by Israel in Egypt was mentioned in this respect. Mr. Keenan reported the President as stating that he could count on his full support and that he would back him to the limit.

  1. John W. Halderman, Assistant Chief of the Division of United Nations Political Affairs.