501.BC Kashmir/5–349: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Embassy in India 1


us urgent

327. Kascom 75, for Macatee. In event truce proposals rejected by one or both parties Dept strongly of opinion negots slid not be broken off and requests that you bend every effort forestall such action. From here only feasible alternatives to continued negots by Comm would appear to be (1) reference deadlock to SC or (2) requesting intervention Admiral Nimitz. Although reference to SC not excluded Dept believes such action would involve extensive delay detrimental both to settlement of case and to Nimitz’ position and might not break deadlock. As for intervention by Nimitz both he and Dept increasingly convinced he shld not dissipate reservoir of good will through such negots. Even when truce agreement completed Nimitz faces difficult negots re Part III Comm res.

In view difficult position in which Comm wld be placed in event rejection truce proposals which Comm announced represented “final” proposals Dept believe injection new element required permit Comm gracefully continue negots. This connection it occurs Dept that return of Huddle who not committed present proposals might provide this new element. Dept aware return Huddle might present delicate situation vis-à-vis other members Comm but believes situation of sufficient gravity to disregard personal feelings this respect.

Accordingly Dept communicating Huddle to be prepared if he agreeable return to Comm immed upon notice that effect to assist Comm in continuing negots.

Your reaction this proposal appreciated. Meanwhile request you do all possible prevent precipitate action by Comm.

Delhi please make every effort transmit this msg Macatee soonest.

  1. Repeated to Karachi as 121, London as 1500, and Rangoon as 93. The following paragraph was added to the message to Rangoon:

    “For Ambassador Huddle: Dept considers most essential Comm not break off negots in event rejection truce proposals. Hopes that if necessary you will find it possible return Comm in effort continue negots along new channels.”