Editorial Note

The United States Government replied on September 19 to the Bulgarian (September 1), Hungarian (August 26), and Romanian (September 2) (see the editorial note, page 260) notes refusing the United States request to join in the establishment of treaty commissions with a view to reaching settlement of the dispute over the violation of the human rights in the three Balkan countries. The notes, which were delivered by the Legations in Sofia, Budapest, and Bucharest, respectively, insisted that the existence of treaty disputes was self-evident and that refusal of the three Balkan Governments to comply with treaty procedure constituted a serious breach of treaty and pretext to obligations. The notes rejected the excuses resorted to by the Bulgarian, Hungarian, and Romanian Governments and advised that their recalcitrant attitude in the matter would in no way affect the determination of the United States to have recourse to all appropriate measures in securing compliance by all three governments with their treaty obligations. For the text of the note to the Romanian Government (as released by the Department of State to the press on September 19), which was substantially the same as the notes to Bulgaria and Hungary, see Department of State Bulletin, October 3, 1949, pages 514–515.