740.0011 EW (Peace)/9–749: Telegram

The Chargé in the United Kingdom (Holmes) to the Secretary of State


3599. Substance letter dated September 3 from FonOff replies to Embassy letter re Deptel 3053 August 251 re treaty implementation:

FonOff legal advisers think a precise question should be put to International Court such as whether or hot satellite governments were under obligation by terms of treaties to appoint their representatives to commissions envisaged by final clause of treaties when called upon to do so at proper time. FonOff is considering how this question should be drafted in proper legal form.

Letter refers to point raised in paragraphs of Deptel and states “we are advised that SYG is not entitled to appoint third members to commissions when satellite parties to disputes have not appointed theirs”, and adds “there would indeed be no commissions for him to appoint members to.” FonOff therefore does not think it would serve any useful purpose to put this question in International Court.

FonOff agrees entirely with suggestion made in paragraph 3 Deptel and is instructing British delegate to do so on or shortly before Saturday September 17.

FonOff states finally that Australian delegate on August 20 arranged [Page 264] to place on provisional agenda an item concerning Rumania and gives text as following: “observance of fundamental freedoms and human rights in Rumania, including question of religious and civil liberty (in conjunction with analogous question raised by Australia in connection with Bulgaria and Hungary).”2

  1. Supra.
  2. Under reference here is a letter of August 20 from the Australian Mission to the United Nations to the United Nations Secretary-General, circulated in the United Nations as document A/948.