760H. 64/9–2749: Telegram

The Chargé in Hungary (Cochran) to the Secretary of State


1151. With regard Yugoslav note alleging existence dispute under treaty about reparations, which not solved by direct negotiations, and appealing to three chiefs mission under article 40 (Legtel 1150, September [Page 265] 271), believe we should not attempt deny dispute exists as that would be following Soviet precedent on military clauses and human rights issue; but on contrary should accept Yugoslav declaration dispute exists and seek convoke heads missions. Of course, have no idea whatsoever that Soviets will agree thereto; but their failure do so will once more establish consistency their campaign to frustrate use treaty machinery to solve differences arising under it. Consequently suggest we and British reply acceding to request for meeting heads of mission, sending copy also Soviet Embassy and to Hungarian Government. No indication in Yugoslav note that copy sent Hungarians, so while Soviets will doubtless already have notified them informally, believe we should attach copy Yugoslav bill of complaint.

British Chargé concurs and is so informing London. We are both acknowledging receipt Yugoslav note, saying referred to Department and Foreign Office and will inform Yugoslav Legation when reply received.

Sent Department, repeated Belgrade 61, London 32.

  1. Not printed. In telegram 1154, September 27, from Budapest, Chargé Cochran reported the substance of note of September 27 from the Yugoslav Minister in Budapest, Djura Jovanović, asserting that a dispute existed regarding Hungary’s failure to fulfill its reparations obligations to Yugoslavia under the terms of the Treaty of Peace with Hungary and requesting that the matter be handled by American, British, and Soviet heads of mission in Budapest as provided for under article 40 of the Treaty (740.0011 EW (Peace)/9–2749). Jovanović sent similar communications to the British Minister in Budapest, Geoffrey Wallinger, and to the Soviet Chargé, Mikhail Vladimirovich Smirnov. For the text of Jovanović’s letter to Smirnov, see Yugoslav Ministry of Foreign Affairs, White Book on Aggressive Activities by the Governments of the USSR, Poland, Czechoslovakia, Hungary, Rumania, Bulgaria and Albania Towards Yugoslavia (Beograd, 1951), pp. 103–105.