740.0011 EW (Peace)/8–949: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Embassy in the United Kingdom


3053. Dept gratified FonOff gen agreement with our views re GA action on item dealing with human rights in satellite countries (urtel 3126, Aug. 91). Pls pass fol further points to FonOff:

Taking into acct FonOff views, we are now considering exact [Page 263] phrasing of first question for inclusion in request for advisory opinion (para 6(b), A–755, July 82) designed to determine whether satellites are obligated to carry out treaty procedures for settlement of disputes.
We note FonOff makes no comment on second question proposed for inclusion in request for advisory opinion, i.e., whether SYG is entitled under peace treaty to appoint third member of commissions in absence of appointments of satellite representatives (this question would include issue of competence of a commission to determine dispute in absence of appointment of satellite commissioners). Our views on inclusion of this question not yet definite. Pls obtain FonOff views on this.
Communication to SYG referred to in para 3 of A–755 shld in our view include copies of complete exchange of notes so that GA members are fully informed prior to opening of GA. We think communication shld be filed two or three days prior to session and shld include request to SYG that it be circulated to all members.
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