501.BC Spain/5–2649: Circular Telegram

The Acting Secretary of State to Diplomatic Offices in the American Republics


In connection with recent GA failure proposal of Braz, Bol, Col and Peru designed to permit United Nations Members full freedom action with respect their diplomatic relations with Spain, you may in response to inquiry informally express fol views government to which you are accredited.

Support and strengthening of UN is basic principle our foreign policy. We attach importance to scrupulous compliance with UN recommendations as matter of major principle. Assembly’s resolution Dec 12, 1946 was not repealed in 1947 and Assembly has not modified it in 1949. We consider we should adhere its recommendations so long as it remains in effect; in words used by Secy of State in his statement May 11, 1949, “I assume it is everybody’s belief that a recommendation by the GA of the UN should be followed until it is changed.” Consequently, [Page 750] we contemplate no change in status our dipl representation in Madrid at this time.1

  1. On June 1, a similar circular airgram was sent to Oslo, Copenhagen, Stockholm, Lisbon, The Hague, and Brussels (501.BC Spain/6–149).