501.BB/3–2449: Circular telegram

The Secretary of State to Certain Diplomatic Missions 1


us urgent

Dept contemplating instr US GADel along fol line event Spain discussed at Apr GA:

Efforts shld be made play down discussion Span question in GA in order prevent Sov using it embarrass US or Western European countries in connection more important issues such as Ital colonies2 and Atlantic Pact.3 USDel shld take no initiative but wld be authorized inform other Dels informally US views.
Subject para 1 above US willing vote favorably for res proposed by other Dels which wld (a) permit Span membership in specialized agencies which in opinion agency Span participation will contribute to technical objective of agency; (b) permit UN Members exchange Ambs and Mins with Spain.
USDel would not vote for (a) res more strongly anti-Franco than 1946 Res (b) reaffirmation of 1946 Res (c) total repeal of 1946 Res.
If Span case discussed this session GA, Dept hopeful it will be dealt with by GA in such manner that it will not recurrently arise in future sessions thereby giving opportunity for Sov propaganda.
In assuming this position in GA we wld make clear that this step does not contemplate inclusion Spain in ERP, Atlantic Pact, Mil Assistance Program or for full membership in UN.

It will be noted tentative position outlined above follows closely Depcirtel Sept 10, 1948,4 same subject.

Dept aware possible implications Western Europe of above position which considerations presented to Marshall by Bevin and Schuman in Paris.

You are asked discuss above position with FonOff on informal basis and ascertain if possible (a) probable attitude govt to which you [Page 735] accredited in forthcoming GA and (b) views FonOff re any repercussions or difficulties in such country if US takes this position even though not in accordance with theirs. Dept wld also appreciate Embs evaluation whatever comment recd.5

Replies needed soonest in order Dept may consider whether its position shld be modified before instr USDel.6

  1. Sent to Paris, Brussels, The Hague, Oslo, Copenhagen, Stockholm, Ottawa, and London with the addition in the copy to London that the matter should also be taken up with Herbert Evatt, Australian representative at the United Nations.
  2. For documentation relating to the United States position on the disposition of the former Italian colonies, see pp. 526 ff.
  3. For documentation relating to the Atlantic Pact, see pp. 1 ff.
  4. Not printed.
  5. Replies to this circular, none printed, indicated that the governments concerned all agreed that the Spanish question should be played down at the United Nations and that none planned to take any initiative on it. There was, however, no consensus on the tentative positions taken by the United States in the five numbered paragraphs. (501.BB/3–2549–3149)
  6. The source text was concurred in by Rusk, Raynor, Dunham, Hickerson, and Bancroft.