865.5043/12–1649: Telegram

The Ambassador in Italy (Dunn) to the Secretary of State


4148. Committee for unification LCGIL, FIL and autonomous unions completed labors evening 15 with approval plan for achievement unification and declaration of principles for unified organization. Announcement specified plan would have no effect until approved by rank and file of various organizations.

Plan provides for final unification within 50 days after rank and file of all groups have given approval. Il Popolo reports FIL will hold national convention before January 10 and LCGIL and autonomous unions will decide by that date also.

Approved plan stipulates unity must be negotiated in each province and each union by organizations involved, according to rules laid down by Central Committee. During interim period until election of single leader for each unified body, all leaders of previously existing bodies will jointly participate in leadership.

Pastore said privately last night he thought considerable percentage FIL rank and file and some of FIL second line leaders would oppose unification. Said in long run might even be all to good thus to avoid incorporation in new organization of strong minority still devoted to theory of political trade unionism.

Republican leaders in FIL, Parri and Rocchi, who last week were cited to disciplinary board of Republican Party for activities in favor labor unification, have announced they would welcome being disciplined for championing cause of complete independence labor movement from party.

Full texts declarations approved by Committee for Unification follow.

Sent Department 4148; repeated London 302, Paris 441.