ECA Telegram Files, FRC Acc. No. 53A278, Paris Ecato: Telegram

The Acting Administrator for Economic Cooperation ( Foster ) to the ECA Mission in France


Ecato 856. Reference Toeca 11981 and Toeca/Torep Disp. 170.2

Gratified that we are in agreement on need to redirect and expand French agricultural production to approach 1952/53 recovery goals. We recognize difficult problem Mission faces in bringing influence to bear on French government in this direction and appreciate that your efforts to achieve more effective agricultural program and better balance between agricultural and industrial investment programs must be confined within framework over-all French financial program.
Your informal presentation to French of Nicholson memorandum (Dispatch 170), contents of which we endorse, was desirable start. This memorandum should serve as useful basis for further discussions. Tomlinson, in course of discussions here, also proposed that Chief of Mission call upon Pflimlin and others to indicate ECA concern inadequate progress French agricultural program. Further proposal is that special committee be established whereby ECA technical experts meet with French investment group et al to endeavor develop a more satisfactory 1950 agricultural program in investment, budgetary and counterpart sectors. Since determination of resources available to agriculture, including counterpart, is largely settled at time French budget prepared, it is obvious that representation to French, along line suggested should be made immediately in order to be effective in 1950.
We would appreciate your continuing to keep us informed progress issues raised Ecato 8391 and Toeca 1198.
  1. See editorial note, supra.
  2. Not printed; it included the text of suggestions given to French officials by Kenneth J. Nicholson, Chief of the Food and Agriculture Division of the ECA Mission in France.
  3. See editorial note, supra.