865.014/7–3149: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Embassy in the United Kingdom

top secret

2751. Dept pleased to note few differences remain between Brit and US thinking on Itcols reported urtel 30141 July 31. Replies to points raised urtel follow:

Dept realizes that criticism of proposals for Brit trusteeship Ital Somaliland inevitable but considers it wld be best solution in event of and only after failure Ital trusteeship.
In feeling that US cld not oppose UN trusteeship Ital Somaliland, Dept considers GA formula cld be adopted excluding Slav participation in admin. Only Slav influence wld be in Trusteeship Council as at present.
In proposing early independence Libya Dept has no thought of trusteeship during interim for either Tripolitania or Cyrenaica.
Power of Advisory Council for Libya prior to independence is important matter which Dept hopes can be worked out to meet views parties concerned. US proposal envisages Council with advisory role only. Dept hopes Emir can be persuaded accept Council including Itals since it wld assist in achieving independence all Libya. Dept does not feel strongly on matter of where Council shld sit and feels it shld be decided by mutual agreement of powers concerned.
Consult position paper air mailed London July 28 for details US plan.

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