501.BB/5–449: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the United States Representative at the United Nations (Austin)


us urgent

Gadel 27. Alternative U.S. positions on possible proposals GA for disposition Itcols are outlined below as guidance to Del in voting on specific resolutions:

Support strongly, or co-sponsor if tactically advisable, UK resolution (Delga 601) with appropriate modification para 4 so that TC would not report to GA through non-UN body. On other similar resolutions Del shld vote according US commitments to UK, Ethio and Italy on Cyrenaica, Eritrea and Ital Somaliland respectively. Del can agree minor modifications proposal to refer Tripolitania and Fezzan to Five Power group to consider with TC prior next session GA, but US cannot agree any formula which would commit US before next session GA to any final disposal Tripolitania whether or not US would participate in recommended solution.
If preferred solution outlined para 1 above not approved by GA and if move develops for immediate independence Libya, Del shld propose that UK be requested study problem and submit recommendations to 1950 session GA on means for attaining Libyan independence. [Page 552] Or, alternatively, TC could be substituted for UK in this proposal. In either case proposal shld include GA recommendation that in interim Libya shld be administered in accordance provisions Chapter XI Charter. This wld allow Brit some freedom of action in Cyrenaica. Del shld abstain on proposal which wld result in immediate and unqualified independence. While US favors eventual independence we feel period of guidance and assistance necessary before real independence can be achieved.
Del shld vote against resolutions not in harmony with foregoing. But on separate paras such resolutions Del shld vote according US commitments UK, Ethio and Italy on Cyrenaica, Eritrea and Somali-land. Before voting against any resolutions containing both acceptable and unacceptable provisions Del shld explain US position to those adversely affected in each case (Brit, Ethio and Ital).
If majority members GA insist on one resolution covering all territories Del can agree but it shld be emphasized that such procedure may result no decision being reached on any territories this session GA. If, on other hand, there appears to be chance obtaining GA decision any territory on basis approved by Dept (as in US or UK draft resolutions) Del shld strongly support such action. In particular, it is highly desirable that Eritrea and Somaliland be disposed of this session GA.

  1. Not printed; it submitted the text of a British draft resolution on the Italian colonies which was being sent to the Foreign Office for approval. (501.BB/4–2849)