The Department of State to the British Embassy

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Mr. C. A. G. Meade, Counselor of His Britannic Majesty’s Embassy in Washington today called on Mr. Dean Rusk, Assistant Secretary of State, at the latter’s request.

Mr. Rusk referred to recent conversations between them and asked that Mr. Meade convey to Mr. Bevin an expression of the Secretary of State’s appreciation of the prompt attention given to the tentative suggestions of the Department of State for the disposition of the former Italian Colonies. Reference was also made to Sir Oliver Franks’ previous conversation with the Secretary of State urging an early formulation of policy.

The Secretary of State, continued Mr. Rusk, regretted that Mr. Bevin, for reasons which we can appreciate, has not found our suggestions acceptable. The Secretary of State wished to emphasize that this Government still attaches the greatest importance to coordinating the British and American positions before the opening of the General Assembly. In this light, the Secretary of State feels that in the short time remaining, our two governments should continue at the staff level to make every effort to evolve a mutually satisfactory solution.

The Secretary of State asked that the sense of the foregoing be conveyed to Mr. Bevin for his consideration.