860S.00/8–2549: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Embassy in Yugoslavia


520. Upon receipt similar instr ur Fr and Brit colleagues, and in consultation with them, you shld follow up ur talks with Bebler and Mates (reurtels 844 Aug 251 and 885 Sep 52) by inquiring re results Yugo investigation Zone B and adding Ital Govt has now officially drawn attention this govt to reports of recent oppressive actions against Itals by Yugo mil admin Zone B. See Rome’s tel 2753 Sep 6 rptd you 126.3

You may add that this Govt gratified to note Yugo Govt taking active steps investigate situation in Zone B. At same time, gravity with which reports of situation are viewed in Italy has made it difficult for Ital Govt to go further in its effort establish cordial relations with Yugo Govt, and that US Govt can not but feel that estab such relations wld be in interests of Yugo Govt, as well as Ital. Accordingly, US Govt urges that as soon as possible, and in light their own investigation, Yugo Govt will find it possible and desirable take corrective measures.

Dept had understood Ital Min Belg wld be instructed make representations to Yugo Govt on Zone B situation and that US, UK and Fr Govts wld be asked support such démarche. While not clear from Rome tels 2680 Aug 30 and 2753 Itals are themselves approaching Yugos, Dept considers it wld be appropriate for action contemplated above to be taken even without Ital action.

Dept seeking Brit and Fr concurrence in foregoing.4

For Rome: Clarify for Depts and Belgs guidance Ital Govts intentions as discussed above. You shld also inform FonOff in Sforza’s absence we concur in keeping text of memo to Three Powers confidential for time being altho it may be appropriate consider question [Page 522] of pub if Yugo investigation and Three Power démarche in Belg unproductive of results.

Repeated to Rome as 2064, to Trieste as 433.

  1. See footnote 3, p. 518.
  2. Not printed; in it Cannon reported that Mates had told him that, following Reams’ talk with Bebler on August 25 (telegram 844), Foreign Minister Kardelj had sent an important person into Zone B to investigate and to issue instructions for a more lenient policy. Mates added that the responsible local officials would be brought to Belgrade for hearings. (860S.00/9–549)
  3. Not printed; in it Dunn forwarded a summary of a memorandum handed to him by Sforza which called attention to the seriously worsening situation in Zone B as a result of systematic violations of their authority by Yugoslav military officials (860S.00/9–649).
  4. In a memorandum of conversation dated September 8, not printed, Mr. Greene of SWE recorded having informed Lord Jellicoe of the Department of State’s views as contained in telegram 520 to Belgrade (860S.00/9–849).

    In a memorandum of conversation dated September 12, not printed, Greene recorded having been told by Jellicoe that the Foreign Office agreed with the views of the Department and were instructing the British Ambassador in Belgrade to take appropriate action (860S.00/9–1249).