760H.658/4–1449: Telegram

The Ambassador in Italy (Dunn) to the Secretary of State


1094. Italian Foreign Office states fisheries convention with Yugoslavia signed Belgrade April 13 accompanied by exchange notes in [Page 504] general terms relative to interest of Italians and Yugoslavs to negotiate expanded trade agreement without delay.1 Italians did not make commitment re specific volume of trade. (ReEmbtel 1075 to Department, Paris 93, Belgrade 43, April 12.2) Romsa equipment3 transferred to Yugoslavia without payment. Agreement transferring naval vessels, Article 57 Treaty of Peace signed Rome today.4 Agreement Italian property nationalized by Yugoslavia and property of optants in ceded territory, annex XV Treaty of Peace expected be signed Belgrade today.

Sent Department 1094, repeated Belgrade 46, Paris 95.

  1. In Rome despatch No. 573 of April 14, 1949, not printed, Byington forwarded the full French text of the agreement in 13 articles. (860H.628/4–2649)
  2. In this telegram, not printed, Dunn reported that the terms of the fisheries agreement were acceptable to the Italians, but that signature was delayed because of last-minute insistence by the Yugoslavs that the Italian delegate spell out the increased volume of trade to be expected under the trade agreement being negotiated (760H.658/4–1249).
  3. Apparently refers to oil refinery equipment.
  4. For documentation on the negotiations leading to the naval agreement, see Foreign Relations, 1948, vol. iii, pp. 969 ff.