840.20/9–1749: Telegram

The Acting Secretary of State to the Embassy in Italy

top secret

2315. Half hour before mtg Sat1 Guidotti brought in formula given urtel 2882 Sept 17 and asked if we thought it acceptable. We said frankly our mil would not accept it and we assumed other Europeans wld not. In reply question whether Sforza’s instr contained any latitude he said third sentence cld be omitted provided second para changed to read “It is therefore important that arrangements be made by the Def Comite, with a view to ensuring full cooperation between two, or if the need arises, all three groups.” Formula as amended was acceptable to everyone and adopted.

Guidotti warned however this wld merely postpone argument until Def Comite met, that mil were less used to resolving difficulties and that Pacciardi2 had much less influence in Cabinet than Sforza. He and Sforza wld nevertheless recommend moderation and assist in working out solution.

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We wld appreciate advice as to what if any public and press reaction there has been in Ital to communiqué. We wld also appreciate indication governmental opinion if you can obtain discreetly without giving impression matter not already settled. In absence any indication adverse reaction to communiqué we assume heat has gone out of this question and that provision by Def Comite for joint mtgs regional grps as indicated Deptel 2240 Sept 163 will finally settle it. Do you believe Itals will regard formal action by Def Comite this sense necessary at this time?

  1. First meeting of the NATO Council, September 17.
  2. Randolfo Pacciardi, Italian Minister of Defense.
  3. Not printed.