740.00119 Control (Germany)/2–449: Telegram

The United States Political Adviser for Germany ( Murphy ) to the Secretary of State


94. During past two weeks main committee of Parliamentary Council has marked time while political party delegations sought reach compromise on basic issues financial administration and powers upper chamber (Frankfurt’s 61 January 221). After initial lack progress select committee five delegates continued discussions this week. Compromise now worked out reported acceptable all parties except KPD and assuring their support basic law. CSU leaders Ehard and Mueller in Bonn for discussions this week and reported satisfied.

Basically compromise involves relatively slight changes to assure Bundesrat greater powers and amend article 122 B to place distribution or assignment tax proceeds to Laender on provisional basis for two or three years. Argument supporting latter change is impossibility now foresee tax revenues or governmental expenditures.

Committee of five also proposes inclusion western sectors Berlin on Land basis with equal rights and privileges other Laender (reference Berlin’s 175 February 32).

Committee will prepare final proposals over week end for consideration party delegations next Tuesday. If approved as now anticipated main committee will then proceed with third reading Basic Law and incorporate proposed changes.

Special committee now visiting various cities proposed for future capital will submit report next week. Press report Frankfurt rejected as possible site apparently unfounded.

Ruhr agreement and now Stalin’s remarks3 have impressed delegates with urgency quick completion Basic Law and early establishment German government, as best means assure effective representation and protection German interests.

Adenauer has addressed letter to British Military Governor North Rhine Westphalia in name Parliamentary Council requesting release Communist leader Reimann, to permit him participate in its work. [Page 191] KPD has approved this action. General reaction that trial and imprisonment Reimann of great propaganda value to Communists and represents serious political blunder.

Sent Department 94, repeated Berlin 27, London 13, Paris 10.

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