740.00119 Control (Austria)/12–949: Telegram

The Minister in Austria ( Erhardt ) to the Secretary of State


1690. Re Deptel 1554, December 5.1 Unofficial reports of the informal meetings of HiComs on November 25 and of the deputies on December 2 indicate no discussion of question occupation costs in 1950.

Soviet request limited to repetition position that 10.5 percent of Austria’s budget 1949 is amount of military occupation costs which Austrian Government should be called upon to pay.

No reference was made to the Austro-Soviet talks on elimination of Austrian claims for past civilian occupation costs in re treaty article 48 bis.

No schillings for military occupation costs have been requested of Austrian Government by any of the four elements.

Latest information Ministry of Finance is that amounts advanced for so-called civilian occupation costs 1949 in behalf of four elements up to November 30 (November estimated) with amounts reimbursed to Austria shown in brackets, are as follows, in thousands schillings: US 184,600 (101,000); USSR 56,000 (none); UK 160,000 (13,750); France 76,500 (4,494); total 477,100 (119,244). (Note: Béthouart has informed General Keyes that French element will reimburse in full.)

Total unreimbursed sums advanced on behalf Soviet element for civilian occupation costs 1946 to date amount to 272,378,000 schillings.

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