863.00/8–1049: Telegram

The Chargé in Austria (Dowling) to the Secretary of State


1022. Personal for Williamson—not for distribution outside Department. Before leaving last night for Innsbruck, General Keyes reviewed for me his recent action re fourth party issue, including discussions with Joint Chiefs.

He finds position outlined Deptel 861, August 41 entirely satisfactory, and if required, will state in AC meeting August 12 that 100-voter groups as well as regularly established new parties are subject AC approval under 1945 decision.

General Keyes also informed me he had rejected proposal just made by Béthouart, reading in translation as follows: “The Allied Council decided to write a letter to the Austrian Government in the following terms: (a) It authorizes the formation of all new political parties or groups constituted for the forthcoming elections under the provisions of the electoral law, except those with neo-Nazi or pan-German programs, or composed of neo-Nazi or pan-German elements, (b) As regards these latter, the Austrian Government, which is responsible for denazification, should submit their requests for approval to the Allied Council, together with the Government’s recommendations thereon”.

In conversation today, French Minister said he understood Béthouart’s proposal made without specific approval Paris in endeavor to find formula satisfactory to three Western powers, but he believed [Page 1228]French Foreign Office would approve if it found favor with London and Washington. British Minister says he and Galloway have recommended London accept proposal, but Keyes said later personally pleased at his rejection. Both British and French Ministers would prefer repeal 1945 decision, but in absence thereof, strongly support action along lines Béthouart’s proposal. I also believe it most satisfactory compromise solution yet suggested.

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