863.00/7–2849: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Legation in Austria


810. Pls transmit fol message to Gen Keyes:

Reply in P 3531 July 211 to personal message of July 15 WAR 915392 concerning question of Aust political parties is now being considered. Notwithstanding arguments used in ur reply we consider that recommendations contained in WAR 91539 should be carried out.

We are informed that the Fr High Commissioner will introduce in the Allied Council on Fri a proposal that the Aust Chancellor submit to the Allied Council a list of political parties which should be permitted to take part in the forthcoming elections and requesting that approval be given for those parties which fulfill the conditions of the 1945 decision of AC. Further information indicates that Brit High Commissioner has been instructed by his Govt to reject the Fr proposal and to move for repeal of 1945 decision.

Until this question can be given further study by appropriate agencies in Wash it is desirable that US position on the Fr proposal be reserved. Position on the Brit move for repeal should also be reserved unless earlier recommendation on this subject can be accepted. This action is desirable if we are to avoid possible conflict in future between Aust constitution as reflected in recent election law and AC decisions. Such conflict would cast doubt on the validity of elections. Similarly it will be impossible to curb activities of political groups [Page 1224]under the 100 voter clause and this device may be used to permit the operation of disguised Nazi and Communist groups.

  1. Supra.
  2. Printed as an annex to memorandum by Beam, July 12, p. 1216.