740.0011EW (Peace)/8–1049

Memorandum of Conversation, by the Acting Chief of the Division of Austrian Affairs (Williamson)

top secret
Participants: Dr. Kleinwaechter, the Austrian Minister
Mr. Williamson

Dr. Kleinwaechter called today to state that he had received information from a highly-placed American that military circles in this Government were opposed to the conclusion of the Austrian Treaty. He reported that the recent visit of the Joint Chiefs of Staff to Vienna1 was for the purpose of gaining first-hand information to buttress this view. His informant told him that the military authorities were opposed to the withdrawal of Western occupation forces as they desired to integrate the Western Zones of Austria into the current plans for regional defense in Europe. Dr. Kleinwaechter further stated that this view is widely held in military circles and that it is being discussed with various members of Congress in an effort to mobilize sentiment against conclusion of the Austrian Treaty.

I informed Dr. Kleinwaechter that it was the policy of the U.S. Government to conclude the Austrian Treaty and that steps to this end are now being taken in the negotiations in London. I further informed him that the purpose of the visit of the Joint Chiefs of Staff to Vienna was, as suggested by General Bradley, to inspect the occupation forces stationed there and to discuss current problems of occupation policy with General Keyes. I told him further that I was not aware of any sentiment in Government circles such as he reported.

  1. The Joint Chiefs of Staff arrived in Vienna on August 7 and departed for the United States on August 8, after having visited Frankfurt, London, and Paris on a trip to Western Europe which they had begun on July 29.