740.00119 Council/5–1749: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Embassy in France

top secret

1706. For Jessup. Reur 2017, May 17.1 In conversation with Gen Clay he expressed reservation on the subject of any proposal at this stage looking to regrouping of US troops in Germany. His position is that German population as well as Western Europeans rely on the presence of this screen of American troops for a sense of security. To take away the screen particularly from Bavaria and the Czecho-Bavarian border in the near future would encourage Communist penetration and lead to demoralization.

Gen Clay also believes that Soviet position in Eastern Germany is verging on “bankruptcy” and that we may be faced at Paris with a Soviet move to obtain an all German agreement under which the Soviets could operate along traditional lines.

Re Para 2 (g) and (h) of Occupation Statute2 control over foreign trade and exchange and control over internal action, Clay shares Dept point of view that these controls are unnecessary and of doubtful wisdom on a quadripartite basis. He also agrees with our view concerning desirability of eliminating zonal boundary lines.

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