740.00119 Control (German)/6–1049: Telegram

The Acting United States Political Adviser for Germany (Riddleberger) to the Acting Secretary of State

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914. Mytel 902, June 9, repeated Paris for USDel 389.1 Howley conferred with UGO leaders this morning as result of which he drew up draft letter to Kvashnin, text of which is quoted below. After obtaining agreement of UGO leaders to terms, Howley discussed them with “Kvashnin and obtained his oral acquiescence to the points listed. UGO leaders have stated that the five points in the letter plus the 15 percent contribution from the Magistrates acceptable and they will recommend favorable vote by workers on the issue. Plan has been discussed with and is acceptable to British, French and Mayor Reuter.

Begin text of letter:

“Dear Gen. Kvashnin: It is my understanding that the Reichsbahndirektion continues to offer to all Reichsbahn employees who reside in the Western Sectors of Berlin the following:

The Reichsbahndirektion will pay in Westmarks at least 60 percent of the wages of railroad workers residing in the West Sectors of Berlin, beginning with return to work.
The Reichsbahndirektion will pay more than 60 percent to eligible persons in so far as its Westmark income permits.
The Reichsbahndirektion will require Westmark payment for all revenue collected from the sale of tickets and other services rendered by the Reichsbahn in relation to the three Western Sectors of Berlin, as a basis for providing funds to pay salaries and wages in accord with this agreement.
The Reichsbahndirektion will take no punitive action against railroad workers who have participated in the strike.
This assurance is intended to apply to all railroad workers living in the Western Sectors, regardless of union affiliation.

Furthermore, all Reichsbahn employees are instructed by the Reichsbahndirektion to return to work immediately so that normal railroad and S-Bahn services can be re-established.

Is the above a correct statement of the agreement made by the Reichsbahndirektion for the benefit of all railroad employees, including all of those who have not worked since the 21st of May 1949?

Sincerely yours, (signed) Frank L. Howley.”

Sent Department 914, repeated Paris 399 (for USDel).

  1. Not printed; in it Riddleberger reported a plan by Howley to accept Kreikemeyer’s offer that at least 60 percent of the strikers’ wage be in West marks plus a guarantee by the municipal government of an additional 15 percent in West marks. This plan was to be presented to the British and French and then to the Soviet Military Administration, if the German authorities in Berlin were not able to settle the strike. (740.00119 Control (Germany)/6–949)