740.00119 Control (Germany)/6–549: Telegram

The Acting Secretary of State to the Secretary of State, at Paris

top secret

Telac 95. You will recall in Telac 601 Dept made certain suggestions for amplification and clarification of para 3 (d) of NSC 24/2.2 No further action was taken here on this subject in view of your Actels 593 and 62.4

[Page 836]

At NSC meeting last Thurs the Military on their own initiative presented the views of the JCS on this question and suggested that the para below be approved by the President to provide guidance for field commanders. This suggestion was approved by the Council and we are informed that the President approved the suggestion on June 17. Text follows:

“Traffic to Berlin wld not be halted by the Western Powers on a mere administrative order or notification by the Sovs that movement wld not be permitted; vehicles wld continue to attempt to transit the corridor until confronted by a physical barrier, an armed guard, or other evidence of force; and we shld make no show of force such as ‘mounting an armed convoy on the highway.’”

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