Department of Defense Files

The Department of the Army to the Acting United States Military Governor for Germany ( Hays )

top secret

WAR 89009. Personal Eyes Only for Hays from Voorhees. It is most important that differences with Soviet over trade and removal of blockade restrictions be minimized until pattern of CFM conference is established and particularly that if differences need to be emphasized, it be done here and not in Berlin. The removal of blockade restrictions imposed after 1 March does lead to interpretations by both sides as the conditions of 1. March are no longer the same. Thus, we have interpreted the agreement as not continuing the trade agreements in effect 1 March because of expiration date of 31 Dec. Also, it would seem some documentation of truck cargo is necessary as long as it is not designed for control purposes since a free movement of truck cargo into Berlin would probably result in large volume from East Germany seeking sound West mark.1

This is not intended in any way to indicate you should accept unsatisfactory Soviet demands. However, it is hoped that you can keep the ball in the air and publicly minimize difficulties in opening days of CFM meeting and until the way ahead becomes clearer.

[ Voorhees ]
  1. In CC 8673, May 22, from Berlin, not printed, Hays replied that this directive exactly confirmed the policy laid down by General Clay and carried out by the Acting Military Governor and his staff. He stated further that the difficulties over the restrictions imposed by the Soviet Military Administration appeared to be on the way to solution as a result of the financial talks on May 20 which paved the way toward an interim trade agreement. (Department of Defense files)