740.00119 EW/11–449: Telegram

The United States High Commissioner for Germany ( McCloy ) to the Secretary of State


3737. Following text of letter from Federal Chancellor received 3 November 1949 concerning reparations program and security problem:

“During the negotiations regarding the problem of dismantling it was emphasized that while this is also a question of reparations, it is above all a security problem. In this connection, the question regarding the German war potential has arisen repeatedly.

The German Federal Government herewith declares that it is aware of the need for security with respect to the German Federal Republic as being a real factor and that it is willing to take it into account as far as possible.

[In] principle, the Federal Government is, therefore, willing to participate in any agency whose purpose it is to exercise supervision over the possible war potential of Germany. The Federal Government is cognizant of the fact that the security problem also embraces the capacity for steel production.

The Federal Government proposes that the committee—in which German representatives should participate—be established immediately which would examine the security question, also those international economic questions connected therewith.

It requests that dismantling operations be discontinued or at any rate be slowed down accordingly, until such time as this committee has submitted its report.

The Federal Government anticipates that European cooperation will be considerably furthered by the work of this committee.

Accept, sir, the expression of my highest esteem.”

2. HICOM will reply through Robertson, as chairman, acknowledging receipt of letter and informing him that contents of his letter will be notified to the respective governments of the occupying powers.

3. I am somewhat disappointed that Adenauer’s letter is not more specific and does not present a concrete program. However, I do not feel it is wise in view of impending events to express openly any feeling that the letter is inadequate. However, through informal channels, I have indicated my feeling on this to Adenauer for his confidential information.

Sent Department 3737, Paris 276, London 240.