740.00119 Control (Germany) /10–3049: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Office of the United States High Commissioner for Germany, at Frankfurt

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2413.1 Eyes Only for McCloy from Byroade. For your background info, we received the fol personal message yesterday from Bevin for the Secretary:

[The text of Bevin’s message to Acheson, October 28, is printed on page 618.]

The substance of 2411 and 24122 indicate action taken here in response to Bevin’s message. The desire to avoid appearance that Secretary and Bevin were joining in effort to descend on Schuman in Paris with concerted position prompted the Secretary’s frank approach to Schuman for his views. We plan, however, to furnish substance of preceding two messages to British Embassy here without delay.

The Secretary and I both felt that you would favor a ministerial meeting at this time and, in view of time limitation, did not consider we shld delay in order to request your views on desirability of such a meeting.

While suggested conference seems most desirable in effort to convince Fr of necessity for their taking lead in German problems, we are [Page 626] conscious of certain possible disadvantages. Meeting would cause considerable speculation which might create letdown if no quick and concrete results could be shown. This would be particularly true in Germany if leaks occurred labeling dismantling as item for discussion. With German issues scheduled for debate in French Parliament in mid-November it may well be that Schuman will not be in position to agree to any definitive decisions. This is another reason for requesting Schuman’s views directly.

Pending response from Schuman and finalization of time schedule for such a meeting, which, if held, would probably be next weekend, we are preparing position for Secretary. We feel general approach shld be along lines of 2412 which could be followed by discussion on more specific problems. It now appears that Bevin would take initiative in dismantling issue and we note his thinking seems to be along lines of our views in Deptel 2314.3 It might also be hoped that progress could be made on Germany’s participation in international conferences, particularly the Council of Europe. Question of whether conference should be broadened to include general discussion on subject of European integration under consideration here.

Wld appreciate your views, both of subjects for discussion and general strategy of meeting. It is assumed, of course, that you and the other High Commissioners would be present if meeting is held. Wld also like your views of desirability of Secretary, if this later appears possible, making short visit to Germany after Paris meeting.

Extreme delicacy present situation emphasizes importance of taking extraordinary precautions guard against leakage of any info re possible meeting Fon Mins. However, in view Reinstein4 familiarity with past negots wld appreciate your making available to him series of messages on this subject. Furthermore, if meeting occurs, presentation of reasons for and scope of meeting may vitally affect outcome. We are now thinking about this and will coordinate with you.

  1. Repeated to London as 3898, Paris as 4132, and Moscow as 806.
  2. Same as telegrams 4130 and 4131, supra.
  3. Ante, p. 614.
  4. Jacques J. Reinstein, Acting Chief, Division of German Economic Affairs.