862.60/10–649: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Acting Secretary of State


1235. From the Secretary. In course of conversation with Bevin and Couve de Murville today, I referred to fact three Ministers had agreed in Washington, September 15 to review German dismantling once again in three or four months.1 I suggested High Commissioners be asked to make report on subject prior to review by Ministers. I expressed hope report would contain concrete recommendations and might have French approval.

Bevin expressed agreement to this procedure, suggesting that study by High Commissioners should commence in November, that their report should be submitted at end of year and that it should be considered by Ministers either directly or through diplomatic representatives in London at beginning of new year. He expressed his preference for this timetable on grounds that current dismantling in war plant category, which he thinks it unwise to interrupt, will be largely finished by end of year. I accepted Bevin’s timetable.

It was pointed out that Schuman had not recollected that Ministers had agreed in September to definite time for review of subject, but had however stated this and related matters would necessarily have to be reviewed from time to time. Couve promised to submit my proposal and Bevin’s timetable to Paris and ask for replies to Washington and London as soon as possible.2

Please relay AmEmbassy London as USUN 24, AmEmbassy Paris as USUN 23, USPolAd Frankfort as USUN 3.

[ Acheson ]
  1. Regarding the Foreign Ministers’ discussion of dismantling, September 15, see p. 590.
  2. A memorandum of this conversation is in file 740.00119 EW/10–649.