862.00/10–1849: Telegram

The Acting Secretary of State to the United States High Commissioner for Germany (McCloy), at Berlin


1026. Re future relations with Ger Dem Rep (urtel 1447, Oct. 18; rptd Fkft 181; pouched London, Paris, The Hague, Brussels, Luxembourg1).

As you are aware subject of relations with East Ger Rep was discussed briefly in course of recent Paris talks.2 As result these conversations the principle was accepted by three Allies that we shld seek to avoid any action which wld involve even de facto recognition of Sov Zone Rep. Fon Mins were unable consider practical application this principle to specific issues due to crowded agenda, and it was agreed that each problem involving dealings with East Gers will have to be discussed and solved as it arises. By way of interim guidance, however, fol points represent current Dept thinking on subject:

HICOM shld seek to deal only with Sov control authorities in matters pertaining Sov-controlled area. No action shld be taken which might be construed as implying acceptance of claims of GDR to be legal govt of any part Ger.
Officials and agencies of Fed Rep shld be authorized engage in negots with corresponding reps GDR at technical level. Necessary relations between HICOM and officials of GDR shld be conducted through reps of GFR or the Sov authorities.3
Participation of GDR in internatl orgs in which any of Western occupation powers are members shld be strongly opposed.
We shld not tolerate in Western sectors Berlin dipl mission accredited to GDR. Any amalgamation of mil missions accredited to ACA with dipl missions accredited to GDR shld be considered as grounds for reconsidering right of former to remain in Western Berlin.

  1. Not printed.
  2. Regarding the Paris talks of the Foreign Ministers of the United States, United Kingdom, and France, see pp. 913 ff.
  3. In telegram 1548, December 3, from Berlin, not printed, the Department of State was asked to clarify this paragraph since it seemed to conflict with paragraph 1 (862.00/12–349). Washington replied that necessary relations with the GDR should be conducted indirectly either through Soviet control authorities or through representatives of the GDR at the technical level. In Berlin relations between the sectors would also be carried on indirectly, through officials of the western magistrat. (Telegram 1038, December 7, to Berlin, not printed, 862.00/12–749)