740.00119 Control (Germany)/2–1249: Telegram

The Ambassador in the United Kingdom ( Douglas ) to the Secretary of State


547. From Holmes. Entire session Occ Statute Plenary today1 devoted to question Kehl. French delegate together with prefect Bas–Rhin and director port Strasbourg–Kehl developed at great length French position. UK delegate said his government prepared to give sympathetic consideration to joint administration ports with German minority representation based on proportionate utilization of the port by Germany and return city of Kehl to German administration as soon as the Strasbourgers now housed there can be returned to Strasbourg.

US delegate made statement along lines third paragraph Deptel 488, February 10; repeated Berlin 167,2 emphasizing fact that such joint port authority as might be established should be acceptable both to French and Germans as well as other countries concerned with peace settlement and having interest in Rhine navigation. He made it quite clear that any temporary arrangement which might be made at this time should not pre-judge peace treaty settlement.

In reply my question, French delegate said he was still awaiting instructions re composition court.

Sent Department 547; repeated Berlin 104.

  1. The minutes of the 11th meeting on the occupation statute for Germany were transmitted in despatch 364, from London, March 3, not printed (740.00119 Control (Germany)/3–349).
  2. Not printed.