Editorial Note

On October 7 Gordon F. Corrigan, a Foreign Service Officer at Heidelberg, cabled McCloy that General Huebner, in response to a telegram from the Chief of Staff of the United States Army, had just held a meeting with his General Staff to consider the military implications of including Berlin in the Federal Republic of Germany. The meeting concluded that, after the establishment of an East German Government, Soviet military activity would be “… more or less the same whether or not a 12th Land is established.” However, if Berlin became the capital of the East German Government, the Soviet Union might withdraw its forces from Berlin and demand that the Western powers do the same. Since the latter would reject such a demand, the blockade might be reestablished and the Soviet Union would make [Page 407] every effort short of war to force the withdrawal of all military forces from the city. (Telegram 37, October 7, from Heidelberg to Frankfurt, not printed, 862.00/10–749)