740.00119 Control (Germany)/7–2849: Telegram

The United States High Commissioner for Germany (McCloy) to the Secretary of State


1186. Mytel 1106, July 12.1 Second quadripartite meeting of Berlin commandants was held July 27 with General Kotikov in the chair. Latter was accompanied by a new political adviser whose name is still unknown.

Following lengthy discussion a procedural paper was agreed subject to confirmation at next meeting. Amendments were based on procedural decisions reached by Deputy Military Governors July 26 (mytel 1171 July 262).

Kotikov presented five memoranda for consideration of other commandants on following subjects:

Removal of obstacles to use of hospitals and clinics by Berlin population regardless of sector;
City-wide measures to exterminate agricultural vermin;
City-wide orders and prophylactic measures to protect against epidemic diseases;
Normalization of and unified control of city’s water supply system;
Normalization of and unified control of city’s sewage system. Western commandants agreed to study memoranda and discuss them at subsequent meeting. It was evident from nature of Soviet proposals that they were anxious to make use of paragraph 4 of Paris communiqué through orders to legal magistrat and Soviet magistrat to meet together on these problems and work out solutions. Kotikov stated openly that his memoranda were not written for action by commandants but merely for purposes of agreed orders to the two magistrats to solve these problems.3

In contrast British memoranda presented at first meeting required action primarily by Soviet authorities. Kotikov introduced compromise [Page 368] proposal re routing of mail trains from Western zones whereby mail and gift parcels from West would be loaded in separate mail cars according to whether addressed to Soviet zone and sector or Western sectors. Latter would be sent direct to West sector post office, former to Soviet sector post office. US and UK delegates accepted Soviet proposal and French commandant agreed notify other commandants his acceptance within few days.

Brief discussion developed over question of propusks for Western sector vehicles going into Soviet zone. It was obvious Soviet commander had no intention of relaxing requirements for propusks and matter was withdrawn. Kotikov also indicated he was not yet prepared to discuss question of postage stamps pending further study by Soviet financial authorities.

At end of meeting General Ganeval made strong representations to Kotikov concerning General Kvashnin’s failure to answer Western commandant’s letter of July 19 re strike pay (mytel 1140, July 194). Kotikov indicated that he would inform appropriate Soviet organs of Ganeval’s request and that answer would be forthcoming.

Sent Department, pouched Moscow, London and Paris.

  1. Supra.
  2. Not printed.
  3. At their 25th meeting on July 28, the Western commandants discussed what attitude they should take toward Kotikov’s five proposals, and agreed that no action should be taken which would constitute de facto recognition of the Soviet magistrat. It was also agreed that General Bourne would talk to Mayor Reuter concerning the possibility of technical discussions between the two magistrats. (740.00119 Control (Germany)/7–2849)
  4. Not printed; in the letter the Western Commandants had protested against the failure of the Reichsbahndirektion to pay in West marks 60% of the wages of railroad workers, who lived in West Berlin but worked in East Berlin. (740.00119 Control (Germany)/7–1949).