862.01/10–2849: Telegram

The Chargé in the Soviet Union ( Barbour ) to the Secretary of State


2707. Embtel 2604 and Embdes 594, October 17.1

Following is substance short note dated October 27 received today from Foreign Office:2

On instructions from Soviet Government, Foreign Office considers it necessary state that US Embassy’s October 17 note contains nothing which could weaken Soviet Government’s arguments set forth October 1 note.3 Regarding October 6 statement by Acting Secretary State,4 referred to in note, Foreign Office does not consider it possible discuss this statement in view its disloyal character in relation USSR.

Sent Department 2707, Department pass Frankfort 66.

  1. Neither printed; they reported the delivery of the United States note (transmitted in telegram 760, October 15, p. 286) to the Soviet Foreign Ministry and transmitted two copies of the text as delivered. (862.01/10–1749)
  2. A copy of the Russian text of this note was transmitted in despatch 631, October 29, from Moscow, not printed (862.00/2949).
  3. Transmitted in telegram 2475, October 1, p. 275.
  4. Regarding the October 6 statement of the Acting Secretary of State, see telegrams 3613, October 4 and 1971, October 6, pp. 282 and 285.