862.01/10–1549: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Embassy in the Soviet Union


760.1 Pls deliver to Sov FonOff fol note:

“US govt has received the note delivered to its amb at Moscow by Sov govt on Oct 1,2 relating to establishment of Ger Fed Rep.

US govt does not deem it necessary to enter into a detailed discussion of the various charges set forth in Sov note. The attention of Sov govt is however invited to the public statement made by Acting Sec of State on Oct 6, of which a copy is attached for convenient reference.

US notes with incredulity that Western action with regard to Ger is characterized as designed to convert Ger into a ‘drill ground’ (place d’armes) and center of disturbance in Eur. US govt recalls its systematic efforts to achieve the full demilitarization of Ger and its proposal of a four-power disarmament and demilitarization treaty, an offer repeatedly rejected by Sov govt. US govt also recalls in this connection the fact that there has been developed in the Sov zone of Ger a large, centralized police force, a police force moreover which is well equipped with mil weapons and led by former Ger army officers.

Govt of US reaffirms its belief in the Potsdam principles which call for the democratization of Ger and the treatment of that country as an econ unity. It hopes that the time is not far distant when the Sov govt instead of seeking to impose its arbitrary will upon the Gers of its zone will cooperate with the Western Allies in enabling all the Gers of all Ger, within the framework prescribed by internatl agreements, [Page 287] to work out their common polit destiny without dictation and with democratic freedom of action.”3

Text of public statement referred to in para 3 above and which shld be attached to above note is text contained in Deptel Niact 3613, Oct 4 to London, rptd to you as 7364 and as amended by Deptel 1971 to Frankfort, Oct 6, rptd to you as 743.5

Pls deliver this note on Monday, Oct 17, shortly before 12:00 noon Washington time, when Dept will release text.

  1. Repeated to London as 3738, Paris as 3947, and Frankfurt as 2157.
  2. Transmitted in telegram 2475, October 1, p. 275.
  3. The text of the British note, delivered to the Soviet Embassy in the United Kingdom on October 10, was transmitted in telegram 4060, October 10, from London, not printed. (862.01/10–1049)
  4. Ante, p. 282.
  5. Ante, p. 285.