862.01/10–649: Telegram

The Acting Secretary of State to the United States High Commissioner for Germany (McCloy), at Frankfurt


1971.1 In accordance with decision reached by three FonMins at NY (NY’s Niact 1231, Oct 6, relayed to London, Paris, Frankfort2) Dept issued text at 4:00 p.m. today as quoted in Deptel 36133 to London, Oct 4 rptd Paris as 3772, Frankfort as 1936, Moscow as 736 and NY as 520). This was issued as statement by Acting Sec. Two sentences of statement as issued differ from text quoted in Deptel. Last sentence of second para as released reads as follows:

“U.S.S.R., by creating a dictatorial, unrepresentative regime, by building up a German paramilitary force, by strangling free econ life and by looting natural and industrial resources, by reopening concentration camps, and by creating conditions which have caused hundreds of thousands of Ger residents to flee, has steadily separated its zone from the main part of Ger and from Potsdam goals of democracy, peace and prosperity.”

Last sentence of fifth para as released reads:

“No regime which the Sov govt may now contrive by the methods it is pursuing in its zone of Ger will be able to claim for itself the same democratic basis.”

  1. Repeated to London as 3640, Paris as 3806, Moscow as 743, and New York as 527.
  2. Not printed; it reported that the three Foreign Ministers had agreed that the United States should issue its proposed statement. The British and French would issue similar statements, and the reply to the Soviet note would be discussed through diplomatic channels. (862.01/10–649)
  3. Supra.