740.00119 Control (Germany)/9–149: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the United States High Commissioner for Germany (McCloy), at Frankfurt

top secret

1474. For McCloy from Murphy. Ref London’s 3526, Sept 1, rptd Frankfort as 78.1 As you know Bevin will raise Ger questions during course of Wash talks. He feels there is now need for reconsideration of three-power general policy with respect to Ger Fed Govt both within Ger and re external relations. He has indicated wish to discuss:

Ger’s admission to Council of Eur;
Admission of Saar to same;2
Ger participation in internatl organizations generally, and;
Dismantling and reparations (including possibility of retaining capacity banned under PRI).

Schuman’s visit here provides opportunity to discuss Ger matters later with Fr.

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We are not convinced there is need work out over-all tripartite policy agreement at this time. In our view it is preferable allow period of practical experimentation in relationships between occupying powers and Ger Fed Govt to elapse, during which High Comm will handle problems on flexible basis as they arise. Tripartite decisions at govt level can be taken later if fundamental problems arise. We nevertheless recognize opportunity to discuss certain specific Ger problems here at high level can be useful and propose take up several questions in addition to those suggested by Brit. We have in mind fol:

Allocation radio frequencies US zone in connection Copenhagen conference decisions;
Disagreements at London conference of experts on shipping;3
US proposal on foreign investment made at tripartite mtg last week;
Timing and method of arranging Ger consular representation abroad;
Question of admission of Berlin as twelfth Land in Fed Rep.4

We wld appreciate having your comments on above, particularly any suggestions as to additional points which might usefully be discussed.

We have noted last para of your 2178, Sept 8,5 and will give you detailed info on dismantling question in separate tel.

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