818.00/4–1448: Telegram

The Ambassador in Costa Rica ( Davis ) to the Secretary of State

us urgent

150. Again met with President shortly before 5 p. m. deadline set by Figueres remytel 149, April 13, Picado agreed in toto but said could not depend upon agreement armed forces if point 2 mytel insisted upon. Foreign Minister suggested proposed course would break constitutional order owing absence quorum in Congress through absence from city or country and offered alternative of President’s present resignation and obtain resignation first two designates exercise presidency thus falling upon Santos Leon Herrera aged third designate who could be controlled by Figueres. Due nature open radio communications specific details counterproposal could not be brought directly attention Figueres. However, he agreed send emissary consult Picado. Therefore, together with Nuncio and Mexican Ambassador I will again [Page 513] proceed Figueres lines 8 a. m. April 14 accompany his emissary San José for conference President. This message prepared midnight April 13 for despatch earliest possible.

I am inclined to be somewhat hopeful negotiations may be fruitful though military and political party interests may make proposed solution difficult.