818.00/4–1348: Telegram

The Ambassador in Costa Rica ( Davis ) to the Secretary of State

us urgent

149. Returned early afternoon from Figueres headquarters in Cartago. Negotiations carried on despite continued fighting from the cuartel and occasional sniping since government unable notify forces in Cartago re truce. Discussion with Figueres and his supporters lead to following proposals:

Picado and three actual designates to Presidency present resignation to Congress.
Congress to elect three designates consisting of Figueres, Alberto Marten, and Fernando Valverde to exercise Presidency until Congress [Page 512] again meets on May 8, when new designate to Presidency will be elected.
Figueres to receive unconditional surrender of all the armed forces of the government.
New government to grant amnesty for all political offenses.
Respect lives and property of adversaries.
Respect diplomatic asylum.
Pay off troops and facilitate their reincorporation civil life.
Reestablish public order.
Guarantee lives and property President Picado.

Foregoing communicated to President upon return of diplomatic group as Figueres sole conditions. President replied agreeable to all conditions except election of three designates, point 2 above, stating revulsion would be so strong could not restrain government forces. Alternative was pointed out that if this proposition not accepted before 5 p. m. and communicated to Figueres, latter will continue his armed operations.

Meeting with other members group at Mexican Embassy then ascertain President’s decision to be communicated Figueres by radio telephone 5 p. m.

Government taking all possible emergency measures defense of city, requisitioned or taken over buildings at strategic points with armed guards many street corners and sheltered in public and private buildings. If Figueres offer not accepted or carried out alternative appears only heavy fighting.

Repeated CA missions by mail.