818.00/4–1448: Telegram

The Ambassador in Costa Rica ( Davis ) to the Secretary of State

us urgent

151. Returned San José 8:15 a. m. bringing Father Nuñez1 as emissary of Figueres mytel 150, April 14. Though safe conduct guaranteed no doubt government forces deliberately fired upon group besides self included Nuncio and Mexican Ambassador. Government forces advanced to locality commanding point where Figueres representative was to be met and opened fire. Turned car about protected by machine-gunning from Figueres forces. Took shelter under bridge while tire, punctured by natural causes, repaired, firing meanwhile continuing.

El Tejar liquidated by Figueres in substantial defeat of Government forces taking quantity arms supplies. Cuarteles Cartago still holding out has burned square block houses with fire bombs. According press army general staff has transferred army headquarters from (Vanguardia) building to a requisitioned apartment house thus evidencing where real control lies.

Commercial air service suspended for today at least. Government planes all apparently in Nicaragua having taken passengers fleeing country. Tavio left for Nicaragua at President’s request as impossible protect his life.

Sent Department as No. 151, repeated CA missions.

  1. Father Benjamin Nuñez, leader of the Catholic Rerum Novarum labor organization, serving as a major on active duty with the revolutionary forces and delegate of the Army of National Liberation in peace negotiations.