The Department of State to the Panamanian Embassy 1



The Department of State has given careful consideration to the proposal of the Government of Panama proposing the institution of controls over Communist activities by the American Republics. The proposal of the Government of Panama suggested that in accord with Resolution XXXII on the Preservation and Defense of Democracy in America, adopted by the Ninth International Conference of American States, the several republics take measures to control within their own borders activities tending to develop and increase Communist activity. The Panamanian proposal further proposed that the American Republics take measures to impede the exit of national Communists for foreign destinations, to deny the entry of foreign Communists into their respective national territories and to require the departure of all foreign Communists now within their borders.

The Department takes this opportunity to declare its concurrence with the views expressed by the Government of Panama in its proposal. With reference to the points mentioned above, the Government of the United States is already actively engaged in a program to control Communist activities within the United States. For some time, in furtherance of legislation adopted by the Congress of the United States, this Government has refused to permit the entry of foreign Communists into this country except for individuals who are in possession of diplomatic and official passports issued by their respective governments, who are proceeding to this country in official connection with international organizations or persons without official status who may be admitted temporarily for certain special purposes, such as press coverage of the activities of international organizations. In accord with domestic legal requirements, measures are taken to prevent the departure of national Communists for foreign destinations and to bring about the departure of foreign Communists now in United States territory.

The Government of the United States is in agreement with the views expressed by the Government of Panamá respecting the vital importance of adequate control of Communist activities in the Western Hemisphere. It is hopeful that other governments of the American [Page 206]Republics will take appropriate action within the premises of Resolution XXXII of the Final Act of Bogotá in defense of their respective national institutions against the insidious attacks of Communist organizations which are in reality serving the interests of a foreign power.

  1. Handed to the Panamanian Ambassador (Vallarino) by the Director, Office of American Republics (Daniels) on December 15, 1948.

    Instruction 172, December 22, 1948 to the Embassy in Panama, not printed, transmitted a copy of the Department’s memorandum of December 15 to the Panamanian Embassy in reply to Circular No. 6 of November 23, 1948 issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to the Chiefs of Panamanian diplomatic missions abroad (810.00B/11–3048).